A short history of Ammanford English Baptist Church

(extracts from ‘The English Baptist Church, Ammanford, 1905 – 2005 by W.Adrian Walters: December 2005)

Two reasons seem evident in the founding of the English Baptist Church at Ammanford. One factor is the discovery of anthracite coal in this area during the late 18th century. The other factor being the Revival of 1904 – 05. Both factors had a tremendous impact on the town and the district. The Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries focussed on coal and iron. Transporting goods was vital and the Llanelli Dock Railway was built in the mid 1800s and by 1890 was extended along the Amman Valley. The influx of English Baptists from Monmouthshire to work in the local industries meant that they attended Ebeneser where the services were all in Welsh which the new members… could not speak. Clearly there was a need to provide for these newcomers in a language they could understand. It was as though the Revival of 1904 – 05 stimulated the impetus to have their own church. Both Ebeneser and its daughter church grew and increased. The English Baptist Church from its inception held its services and later acquired the building of the Gwynfryn School. It continues to use this building in Brynmawr Lane. Since it’s beginnings the church has had a number of ministers, latterly part-time ministries and periods without a minister when the pulpit has been supplied by various local preachers. The average age of the church has increased in recent years. We no longer have any children and this remains a challenge. But we are still here. A faithful remnant seeking to keep the door open and continuing to serve the church and the local community. (Written in 2005 and still applies today).

The congregation has dwindled in recent years but it continues to worship and is active in fundraising for a number of causes. It is active in the community and joins in local ecumenical activities. We look forward to continuing the work of the church and welcoming new members to our congregation, whatever their background.





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